Custom Website Development

Race Beacon

Race Beacon is an application that allows participants of racing events to broadcast their location via smart phone for their friends and family to then watch in either real-time, or after the event, on either their own smart phone or the Race Beacon website.

Sled Dog Central

Sled Dog Central is the complete hub for any Sled Dog enthusiast and has been the number one resource for Sled Dogs since 1997! Post classified ads to the sled dog community. Search through race listings for local or global events. Last but not least, become an active member in the Sled Dog Central forums!

Filter Language

Have you ever asked yourself, "What does this text mean?", "What is my child texting?", or "How do you read that?" Filter Language is a website to help you answer those questions and more.

Brass Shield

This site is an online game in the making! In Brass Shield, you will build an empire, amass an army, and conquer your foes ruthlessly, or strike up peaceful alliances. The choice is yours!

Vega Gate

Protect yourself and your users with Vega Gate's cloud based authentication and authorization services.

Web Content Ratings

Web Content Ratings is a handy tool for determining the kind of content that is on a website without having to navigate to it. You can enter a website url and Web Content Ratings will evaluate that site and return to you a rating ranging from 'G' to 'XXX' of that site's content.